We have commissioned a Conservation Report and a Shop Study as well as engaging the services of an architect and a consultant who are assisting us in the production of a feasibility study and a business plan. The decision about whether to move forward with the project needs to be made shortly, as the deadline for the final application to the Scottish Land Fund for funds to acquire the building is in August for a November decision.
The brief that was given the architect was for a multi purpose space that can deliver the Dunadd Community plan.

Kilmartin church building a summary of the story so far

We were going to hold some community meeting to explain the progress and get feedback on the possible adaptions to Kilmartin Church. Due to the present situation we nave been forced to do this online.

The architect produced four options, in which option 4 was the Directors’ favourite. In the initial community feedback sessions, a number of priorities were identified and we feel that this option provides the space to realise these priorities. They are:

  • Provide a Community Activity space
  • Provide a Community Shop
  • It must not be a burden for future generations
  • There should be opportunities for local enterprise
  • It must respect the graveyard and the history of the village

On this site you can find the reports, that relate to the building and its possible adaptions. The report from the shop study that was commissioned, frequently asked questions and two forms, one to ask your own questions and another to get some feedback.

We have commissioned a Conservation Report, and a shop report these can be read by following the more detail information link below. The architect has also prepared drawings of 4 possible conversions to allow the building to be used in a variety of ways. The directors favorite is option 4, which we feel fits most of the communities criteria. Option 5 is to step away from the project and not purchase or convert the church.

  • the reports that relate to the building and its possible adaptations
  • the report from the shop study
  • frequently asked questions
  • a form to enable you to ask questions about the project
  • a form to enable us to gather vital feedback from you
  • architects drawings of the 4 conversion options (option 4 is the one the Directors have chosen to take forward)