The Directors have very carefully considered all the evidence gathered for the Kilmartin church building project.
Regrettably, after much discussion we have decided that the project should not progress. We know this will be a disappointment to many of you who took the time and trouble to take part in the consultation and voted.

One of the key promises that we made to you was that we would not burden future generations with an unsustainable building. In light of the Covid-19 situation we feel that the financial future is too uncertain to take the project forward. It is not clear what, if any funding will be available for community projects in the foreseeable future.
The need to set up a Community Shares Company and recruit an additional set of directors was also felt to be a step too far at the moment.

This was not an easy decision to make as a lot of work has gone into getting the project this far. We feel that this work has not been wasted as we have learnt a lot about your needs and wishes and have grown as an organisation. It has helped us to focus on understanding and delivering the community plan. Instead of having a building and seeing what we can do with it, we will now look at what is needed and how and where can it best be delivered.

Dunadd Community Enterprise was never just about the church building, indeed until it became available, we had no intentions towards it. We feel that it came at a time when the organisation was embryonic, and the timescales imposed on us by funding opportunities were unrealistic.

  • A wild flowering project for our village centres, we have two sites identified in Kilmartin and would ask you to let us know if there are any sites in Ford, Bridgend, Kilmichael Glassary or Slockavullin that you think would be suitable.
  • We look forward to working in partnership with land owners to enhance our village centres.
  • We are still looking for a site for a small hydro-scheme, so if you know of anywhere that might be suitable, please let us know.
  • We are looking for a potential site for a community market garden, which we hope would produce locally grown fruit and veg
  • Bookswap is unable to meet at the moment, but we have been planning how we may be able to safely restart once we are allowed to meet once again in the Parish Church
  • We hope to be starting local litter campaigns as and when needed and/or as visitors numbers increase

We are always interested in your ideas, so please don’t hesitate to discuss them with us, even if you think it’s too small or daft, it maybe the very thing we are looking for!
We’d also love to hear from you if you would like to help out with any of the projects or are curious about becoming a director.

From the start we said that we would explore the possibility of community ownership of the church building. This we have done, and at least we can, hand on heart, say we explored this extensively and that whatever the building becomes in the future, we could not make it work financially.